Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Been staying at Pete's hotel room the past days. Hate being in one place, but the man needs help. He doesn't quite understand. He's new to this. Only started his search last month. It's lucky I bumped into him at Wal-Mart. I'm not sure how long he'd last.

Pete's older than most. He turned 52 earlier this year. I asked him how he kept running. Turns out he did long-distance running as a hobby the past thirty years. Funny how that works. He came into this already prepared. Fortunate.

His daughter-in-law is a husk. Was a husk. He isn't sure. One day, his son called him. She'd walked out of the house with their baby girl. Took her right up to an impossible man. All three disappeared. Son didn't know what to think. Was babbling on the phone. The next thing Pete heard as a squish, then silence.

Pete did some basic research online. Found out what Slender Man was. He wasn't sure he believed. Thought it a coincidence. Then the beast showed up in his yard. He ran.

Pete thinks his granddaughter is alive. He thinks the monster doesn't kill them. I haven't had the heart to say otherwise. It's what's keeping him going. I won't take that away. Instead, I told him about husks and proxies. Told him about how to run. I offered him money. He turned me down. He's using his savings and retirement fund. Apparently has enough to last him a long time. Lucky him.

He's heading towards New Jersey. It's where his daughter-in-law's family lives. Pete figures they need to know. Thinks maybe he can find a clue. I don't blame him. Anything to give him a sense of direction. Anything is better than going nowhere.

Pete's staying in Chicago until Friday. I'm staying with him until then. He's a good man. If you meet him, try to help him. Just don't shatter his hopes.


  1. I've been wondering, Donny, where does he get his money?

    And I thought you haaaated proxies.

    And you know there's no cure, right?

    Though to be fair they are probably alive. Just not in this world, or this reality. But who knows? I'll root for him.

  2. My money is none of your business.

    I don't hate proxies. I hate those who put their lives higher than others. Those who kill or aid in it, runner or proxy, does that. None are beyond redemption. Just don't expect me to accept you.

    I'm aware there's no cure. I'm aware they're probably dead. Pete doesn't need to know this. I won't steal his hope. It's all that's keeping him running. It dies, he dies. I can't do that.

  3. Does your moral high ground make you feel like a maaan~?

  4. If he heads to north Jersey, let him know he can grab a bed for a few nights.

  5. I told Pete. He says thanks. May take you up on that offer.