Saturday, June 4, 2011


Road makes you appreciate things. I love stores with AC. Car-living in the heat is nasty. Stepping indoors, that rush of cool air, priceless. In a Wal-Mart now. Just on a bench. Have to go leave soon. Hate being in one place too long.

First psycho found me. Morningstar. I know of him. Fucking murderer. Enjoys it too. I hate killers. There is never a reason to kill. Doesn't matter if you're a proxy or a runner. This sick bastard enjoys it, though. Makes it so much worse. Makes redemption so much harder to find. He enjoys the terror. He enjoys the pain. He's sick.

He thinks he can scare me. Normal, for one like him. Proxy, I've met others like you. Worse, some claimed to be on my side. Know this. You don't fucking scare me. I've outrun everything. I will continue to outrun everything. I can't die. Not when I can help.

Finally, to those like me, don't be like them. There is never a reason to kill. Never a reason to do harm. There's always another way. Do not compromise. Do no harm. When you become as them, you lose. If you lose, the only thing you'll get is



  1. Never a reason to kill. You sicken me Sweet Heart. Civilization is BUILT upon the bodies of the Fallen. The Weak, the stupid, the unlucky. All FAIR GAME. Do you eat meat Sweet Heart? Of course you do. That lovely steak you had? Did you enjoy it? I hope so. You just contributed to the murder of countless Cows to feed your hungry belly. HYPOCRISY HYPOCRISY HYPOCRISY.
    How do you know what is right and what is wrong Sweet Heart? Are you God? No you are being hunted by Him. Maybe you need to rethink your Morals if God is trying to kill you.

  2. Civilization is built on good people. Good people doing hard things.

    I find an animal is not a person. Hypocrisy, perhaps. Still I respect where my food is from.

    I am not a god. That monster is not a god. I do not believe there is such a thing. Not with what I've experienced. With no god, we must be the best we can. We have to fill that void ourselves.

  3. Pacifists of our level are generally looked down upon. Then again, we're also the lone voices of reason in a bloodthirsty crowd. It may take some time, but I hold out hope for a better world.

    Good luck to you, Donovan.