Monday, May 30, 2011


Hot. So fucking hot out. Phone says 80 degrees. Muggy too. Can't fucking sleep out here. I hate it. Not enough money for a room. Not enough gas to run the AC in my car. Fucking hate it.

Just gotta make it to tomorrow afternoon. Then it's gas in the tank and wheel to the pavement. Chicago. The big city. Anonymity. Freedom. Still worried about the storm. More places to hide in the city, though.

I see I have followers. Good. It's lonely on the road. I've been keeping up with you all. Only now got a blog because... Well, because I just did. You're all fighting the good fight. A lot of you are inspirations, to me, to all of us. Not like me. I haven't learned much. My only advice after a year?

Just keep moving forward.

And fuck M and Jekyll's rules.


Slept in my car again. Out of money. Gotta last till the 1st. Just two days. Then I can get out of here. Hit a city. Find a hotel. Sleep well for once.

This place is too small. I hate small towns. I feel exposed. Ran out of gas, though. Couldn't get to Chicago. Had to make a stop. I've been here a week. Locals aren't taking kindly to me. Was talked to by a few cops. I told them I'm living out of my car for a blog. They believed me, prolly because its true.

At least there have been no attacks. All has been quiet. It's put me on edge. I'm sure this is the quiet before the storm. My feet itch. They need to move. They know it's coming. Just two more days.

Just two more days.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Running. It what I do. It's all I've done for an entire year. Just running. Not necessarily feet to pavement. Often times its wheels to asphalt. I've even flown once. It's a matter of constantly moving. It doesn't matter how. Just just keep moving. Just keep one step ahead.

Stories say if a hummingbird stops flying, it dies. Science says if a shark stop swimming, it dies. I'm a hummingbird. I'm a shark. I don't stop running, otherwise I'm dead.

I'm in a race with no finish line.