Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This has been a good month. Or a bad month. It depends how you see it. I still have money in my account. That's the good part. The bad part is it means I haven't been able to help those who need it. The road is taking me the wrong way. It's never been so barren before. I've met so many who could use a hand. This month it was Pete. I helped some of the living. Pete was the only runner. Pete was the only other dead.

And he still hasn't gotten in touch.

I'll spend the next few days in my car. I can save money for next month. The 1st is just around the bend. I'll be able to help even more then. If only I can find them.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Sorry. It's been awhile. I'm not used to writing. It slipped my mind. I've been driving a lot. I just keep moving. It's all I can do. Keep moving. Keep helping.

I'm in Montana. I have been a day or two. I made a mistake. I drove through the Lewis and Clark forest. Paranoia the entire time. I swore I saw him everywhere. I don't know why. I haven't seen him in months. I don't think I saw him yesterday either. Not with how quiet it has been.

Money is getting tight. I've been staying in my car again. I don't mind. It's cool out. It's actually storming now. I have food for another week. Went shopping this morning. I should make it to the 1st alright. Not panicking like last month.

I miss Caleb. In the store, there was a mother and son. She was paying with food stamps. I saw the pain in her eyes. She didn't even buy much. She still barely had enough. I started talking to her. I knew not to offer to pay. I could tell she wouldn't accept. Instead, I bought three candy bars. Gave two to the kid, on to the mother. He thanked me. She smiled. It was the least I could do.

Everything we do is important. We are the dead. Do your best to aid the living. Do good.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


In Nebraska at the moment. Have been the past few days. I've not been doing much. Funds are actually okay for once. I've had enough for a hotel room. It's been nice. Still, not all is sunshine.

I haven't heard from Pete. I'm concerned. Maybe he's been busy. Maybe he forgot to get a phone. Maybe he lost my number. I have to believe he's still alive. He has to go save his child. I have to believe that's possible. Someone has to have a happy ending. I hope Pete gets one. The man deserves it.

The Mad Ventriloquist offered a room. I'm going West as it is. I'll let you know if I'm in the state. A room is always appreciated. Company, even more.

I am aware to "get up high" is about Slender Man. I've been running a year. I know my rules. I know M's are broken.

I got up high once. It was a school, after closing. I was sleeping in the parking lot. I was still with Frank. He woke up, saw him moving towards us. We got out of my car. Door broke open with a few kicks. Hustling up the stairs, we went for the roof. We went for safety. Frank opened the door. It opened his chest. The beast was waiting for us. I learned then, as I have many times, Slender Man has no rules.

Instead, we make rules for ourselves. I have my own set. Maybe I'll post them here. Maybe not. I need sleep.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


About to get back on the road. Midwest has one thing going for it: Fields. Fields are good places to park. They're big empty spaces. Easy to park in. Easy to keep an eye out. No trees nearby. Safe.

I've been out of Chicago since Friday. The storm came through. It was early afternoon. Pete and I were out. Went to get hot dogs. Fucking hot dogs. Cut down an alley because it was quicker. Those two guys came at us. Ones from the store.

The first grabbed my wrists from behind. The other went at Pete with a knife. I twisted out of the hold. Bumped into Knife. Sent him stumbling which gave Pete time. We both ran. The husks came after us. Pete and I went for the nearest building.

We got inside alright. Rushed an elevator and got inside. Went up to the second floor, hopped out. We waited by the stairs as the husks ran past. Ducked in behind them and went down to the first floor and out. I haven't seen them since. Get up high, my ass. Can't run on the roof.

We got a few blocks away. Pete and I stopped to talk. The hotel room was too dangerous. Thankfully we brought our bags out with us. Always take your bag with you. We knew we had to get out of town. Our cars were parked in different lots. It was best to split up. I gave him my number. Told him to buy a prepaid phone and get in touch. After that, we were on our separate ways.

I haven't heard from Pete since. I hope he's well.

Road is taking me west. I've not been this way in awhile. Interesting.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Done shopping with Pete. He needed supplies for his run. Figured I'd go along. Wasn't doing anything. Bit wet out. Rained all night and into this morning. You get used to it. When you run, you accept the weather. Can't change it. Why let it bother you?

Thing is, another storm is coming. The other kind. Yes, still. I can feel it. Whole time we were out, I felt chills. Call it paranoia. Call it instinct. Call it whatever you want. I just know there were two guys following us. Bigger, hooded, always an aisle or two away.

I made sure Pete was aware. He said I was just anxious. I told him anxiety kept me alive. He laughed. I'm afraid for him. I don't think he knows just how dark this road gets.

The rain stopped a little bit ago. I'm more paranoid than ever. The calm will break eventually. I want Pete on the road before it does.

No one has to die.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Been staying at Pete's hotel room the past days. Hate being in one place, but the man needs help. He doesn't quite understand. He's new to this. Only started his search last month. It's lucky I bumped into him at Wal-Mart. I'm not sure how long he'd last.

Pete's older than most. He turned 52 earlier this year. I asked him how he kept running. Turns out he did long-distance running as a hobby the past thirty years. Funny how that works. He came into this already prepared. Fortunate.

His daughter-in-law is a husk. Was a husk. He isn't sure. One day, his son called him. She'd walked out of the house with their baby girl. Took her right up to an impossible man. All three disappeared. Son didn't know what to think. Was babbling on the phone. The next thing Pete heard as a squish, then silence.

Pete did some basic research online. Found out what Slender Man was. He wasn't sure he believed. Thought it a coincidence. Then the beast showed up in his yard. He ran.

Pete thinks his granddaughter is alive. He thinks the monster doesn't kill them. I haven't had the heart to say otherwise. It's what's keeping him going. I won't take that away. Instead, I told him about husks and proxies. Told him about how to run. I offered him money. He turned me down. He's using his savings and retirement fund. Apparently has enough to last him a long time. Lucky him.

He's heading towards New Jersey. It's where his daughter-in-law's family lives. Pete figures they need to know. Thinks maybe he can find a clue. I don't blame him. Anything to give him a sense of direction. Anything is better than going nowhere.

Pete's staying in Chicago until Friday. I'm staying with him until then. He's a good man. If you meet him, try to help him. Just don't shatter his hopes.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Road makes you appreciate things. I love stores with AC. Car-living in the heat is nasty. Stepping indoors, that rush of cool air, priceless. In a Wal-Mart now. Just on a bench. Have to go leave soon. Hate being in one place too long.

First psycho found me. Morningstar. I know of him. Fucking murderer. Enjoys it too. I hate killers. There is never a reason to kill. Doesn't matter if you're a proxy or a runner. This sick bastard enjoys it, though. Makes it so much worse. Makes redemption so much harder to find. He enjoys the terror. He enjoys the pain. He's sick.

He thinks he can scare me. Normal, for one like him. Proxy, I've met others like you. Worse, some claimed to be on my side. Know this. You don't fucking scare me. I've outrun everything. I will continue to outrun everything. I can't die. Not when I can help.

Finally, to those like me, don't be like them. There is never a reason to kill. Never a reason to do harm. There's always another way. Do not compromise. Do no harm. When you become as them, you lose. If you lose, the only thing you'll get is


Friday, June 3, 2011


Chicago. The windy city. The home of the Cubs. The home of the Bears. The home of the sad. The home of the homeless.

I always feel guilty during my monthly hotel stay. I get a room. They get the streets. I always make sure to have a few tens on me when I go out. Anyone who needs it, gets one. It isn't much, but it helps. I know the value of a dollar. I may make things harder for me, but it's worth it. These are people with no hope. I understand what that's like.

The city is nice. It's big. It's anonymous. I still sense the storm. There's more cover here, though. More shelter. I'm ready to run at a moment. I have my bag with me at all times. I've been doing this for a year now. No one is going to catch me.

Going out for a steak tonight. Some may see that as a waste. But I have to have something to look forward to each month. One steak. Then, it's back to budget living.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


As always, the 1st comes around once more. Thank you, ma and pa. I rely on you. You don't know it, but I do.

I've got a full tank of gas. I have a cooler of bottled water. I have another full of food. My back seat is full of canned beans and bags of chips. My flashlight has batteries. My face is shaved.

It's going to be a good day. The storm seems to have missed me. It's time to move forward again.

Chicago, here I come.