Thursday, June 16, 2011


In Nebraska at the moment. Have been the past few days. I've not been doing much. Funds are actually okay for once. I've had enough for a hotel room. It's been nice. Still, not all is sunshine.

I haven't heard from Pete. I'm concerned. Maybe he's been busy. Maybe he forgot to get a phone. Maybe he lost my number. I have to believe he's still alive. He has to go save his child. I have to believe that's possible. Someone has to have a happy ending. I hope Pete gets one. The man deserves it.

The Mad Ventriloquist offered a room. I'm going West as it is. I'll let you know if I'm in the state. A room is always appreciated. Company, even more.

I am aware to "get up high" is about Slender Man. I've been running a year. I know my rules. I know M's are broken.

I got up high once. It was a school, after closing. I was sleeping in the parking lot. I was still with Frank. He woke up, saw him moving towards us. We got out of my car. Door broke open with a few kicks. Hustling up the stairs, we went for the roof. We went for safety. Frank opened the door. It opened his chest. The beast was waiting for us. I learned then, as I have many times, Slender Man has no rules.

Instead, we make rules for ourselves. I have my own set. Maybe I'll post them here. Maybe not. I need sleep.

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  1. We ALL have our own rules. We all fight to survive in our own ways.

    We have to.