Friday, June 3, 2011


Chicago. The windy city. The home of the Cubs. The home of the Bears. The home of the sad. The home of the homeless.

I always feel guilty during my monthly hotel stay. I get a room. They get the streets. I always make sure to have a few tens on me when I go out. Anyone who needs it, gets one. It isn't much, but it helps. I know the value of a dollar. I may make things harder for me, but it's worth it. These are people with no hope. I understand what that's like.

The city is nice. It's big. It's anonymous. I still sense the storm. There's more cover here, though. More shelter. I'm ready to run at a moment. I have my bag with me at all times. I've been doing this for a year now. No one is going to catch me.

Going out for a steak tonight. Some may see that as a waste. But I have to have something to look forward to each month. One steak. Then, it's back to budget living.


  1. I was going to be an asshole in retaliation, but the fact you give away even a bit of your meager monies on a regular basis is so dammed good I can't really do more than salute you.

    They may not be in the same boat as us, and we ARE in the same boat, but they have their own struggles.

  2. Look at that. The proxy understands charity. Am I to believe you do some yourself? Between working for a monster?

    We may be in the same boat. You and yours just enjoy blowing holes in the hull.

  3. I actually do some work in a soup Kitchen in Hoboken during the weekdays. It's good to give back to the community.

  4. If that's true, doesn't change shit. Still are what you are.

  5. In Maury's defense, not all of the Chosen enjoy all aspects of doing Father's bidding. For example, I hate having to wait before eviscerating some hapless idiot who thinks he can escape Father. You know. LIKE YOU.
    Also... Donovan Swihart... Is Swihart really your last name?

  6. The Mad Ventriloquist got tackled by a homeless man once. He has been slower to donate since then. Although The Mad Ventriloquist thinks he might have deserved it. It is good that Donovan donates, though. Charity is good. Steak is also good. There are lots of good things out there.

    May Donovan have lots of good things.

  7. Oh dear. My first murderer. And he's already threatening evisceration.

    I've outran others. I'll outrun you. And yes. Swihart is my name. At least I didn't name myself after an angelic beauty queen with an ego problem.

    I doubt you deserved it, TMV. Violence is never the best answer. Only the easiest. I don't mind risking it. The need to do good outweighs my personal safety.

    And thank you.

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  9. Swihart... Swi Hart. Swee... Heart. IMMA CALL YOU SWEET HEART.
    I DID NOT NAME MYSELF YOU IMBECILE. RUN RUN RUN. As FAST as you want, as FAR as you want. It does not matter. IN THE END YOU WILL DIE DIE DIE. Like ALL the others. Maggot food. GLORIOUS GLORIOUS MAGGOT FOOD. And you won't be the last. Possibly the most insignificant though.

  10. The Mad Ventriloquist thinks that Morningstar is a bit dramatic.