Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Since my family's murder, I've spent the past two weeks remaining outside of contact with the world we've found our thrust into. I checked no blogs. I ignored all phone calls and texts that were not from trusted sources. I did not post, I didn't extend outreach. I couldn't cope with their mindgames. Isolation was the key to regaining my sanity. It was the only way. If anyone was hurt because of my time in hiding, I am sorry. The alternative was madness.

In the meanwhile, I began my journey across the country. I had to visit my family one final time before they were laid to eternal rest. The caskets were closed for the funeral, after what that villain did to them. It is good, I think, that their bodies remained sealed away, beyond the prying eyes of the vicarious and the wounded. They sleep now, forever beneath the dirt, in the only safety that one can ever truly know.

After the ceremonies, I spent my time working out what to do with my family's estate. Despite my attempts to scrape together a living on my own, I could have lived comfortably if I'd desired. My great-grandfather made very keen investments during his lifetime, and my family has reaped the rewards ever since. There is a reason I always try to do good - I was fortunate where they are not, and I have always had the means. But now, with no other heirs, the entire fortune falls to me. I plan on touching none of it, save the money that is necessary to aid me on my quest. The house and all its contents remain. The investments will continue in the hands of my father's trusted advisers. I, on the other hand, shall continue my leave of absence to see the world. This time, however, I have purpose besides running.

David must come to justice. For what he's done to me, to my friends, and to my fellow human beings. I do not threaten violence. The man is a monster, but still a man. I only call for justice.

Annabel must be saved. She never wanted this, I always knew that. Still, there was more to it than that. It played with her mind. She can be reached, and I'll strive to do all I can that she is.

And a hero must rise. For too long, we have allowed ourselves to be assaulted and abused. It attacks our bodies, our souls, our minds. Something must be done.

There has to be a happy ending.


  1. Fuck yeah, happy endings!

    Deliver the justice, save the girl, kick ass. Good luck; just try not to get in too over your head.

  2. If he thinks a hero can rise, he's already too far gone.

  3. Yeah, you go ahead and do that, buddy. Best of luck and good adventure and all that shit. Just do me a favor and don't refer to Poe and me by our real names from now on.

    -Don't Shoot The Messenger-